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The 88-B Jumbo is HEYM's largest framed double rifle sutied for the largest of stopping calibers (470 N.E., 500 N.E., 577 N.E. & 600 N.E.)

The frame's profile is more reminiscent of English styling with moustache shaped frame bolsters and full-sidelock.

To an engraver, the large pinless (no visible pins) sidelocks are the ultimate canvas. Engraving on the 88-B Jumbo is done entirely by hand, and the standard pattern of light scroll on the coin-finished receiver is well executed and commensurate with the design of the gun.

Each 88-B Jumbo is individually crafted by hand, and a host of options are available for making an 88-B Jumbo uniquely yours. Custom engraving, extended top tang and trigger guard, grip-caps, claw scope mounts, and choice of sights are just a few of the many variables you can define when ordering your 88-B SAFARI.
Available Calibers
| 470 N.E. | 500 N.E. | 577 N.E. | 600 N.E. |
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> 24" Krupp Steel, Hammer-Forged Barrels (Barrel lengths up to 26" available)
> Triple lock-up, with double lugs and Purdy-style hidden bite.
> Articulated (hinged) Front Trigger
> Cocking Indicators
> Ejectors: Standard
> Ejector / Extractor switch: Optional
> Stocked to customer's dimensions
> Select European walnut (Upgrades Available)
> Bolstered Frame
> Weight @12.5 lbs (varies with caliber)


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