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The 88-B Professional Hunter (PH) is HEYM's answer to client requests for a well-made, reliable, and accurate double rifle - without the aesthetic extras. The engraving may be gone, but the articulated front trigger, automatic ejectors, and intercepting sears that made the HEYM 88B famous are still standard equipment.

The 88-B PH is built specifically for those that value quality over embellishment. And you can rest assured that no corners have been cut in this new model. In fact, the PH really isn't "new" at all. It is the exact same gun as the 88-B SAFARI. Both rifles start and finish with the same components and same attention to detail in fit, finish and regulation. The PH simply lacks the action engraving that some customers find superfluous.

> 24" Krupp Steel, Hammer-Forged Barrels
(barrel lengths up to 26" availible)
> Triple lock-up, with double lugs and greener cross-bolt
> Articulated (hinged) Front Trigger
> Cocking Indicators
> Ejectors: Standard
> Ejector / Extractor switch: Optional
> Stocked to customer's dimensions
> Select European walnut (Upgrades Available)
> Bolstered Frame
> Weight: 9.0 lbs - 10.5 lbs
(varies with caliber)

Available Calibers
300 Win Mag
375 H&H Belted or Flanged
416 Rigby
416/500 N.E.
450/400 3" N.E.*
458 Win Mag
450 N.E.*
470 N.E.
500 N.E.
20 Gauge
*Regulated with Hornady Ammunition


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