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Renowned worldwide for their handling, accuracy and durability, each HEYM rifle represents over 140-years of experience combined with the best in modern materials, machining capabilities and craftsmanship. While modern CNC machining is employed to produce parts with exacting accuracy, it alone is no substitute for the files, the trained eye and experience needed to maintain tolerances that are measured in the thickness of a layer of smoke.

HEYM rifles are still built by hand, and every part of a HEYM rifle - “Lock, Stock and Barrel” - is made and finished in house. No two parts on two HEYM rifles are interchangeable: Each is hand-fitted to painstaking tolerances by a host of specialized craftsmen who average over 25-years’ tenure. This unique capability provides us with full control over every aspect of quality, while providing clients with bespoke services that are seldom seen in today’s gun world

Contact Us today to discuss the available options for making a HEYM uniquely yours.

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